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Dress Code

All members and visitors are reminded that the following rules apply to dress, both on and off the course.


Golf shirts must be tucked inside trousers or shorts, both on the course and in the clubhouse. Ladies wearing blouses cut to be worn outside the waistline are the only exception to this rule.

Shirts designed to be worn outside the waistline, although not permitted on the course, may be worn in the clubhouse.

The new style round neck golf shirts as sold in the Club Shop are permitted but must be tucked in at all times. Regular ‘T’ shirts are not permitted at any time.

Training Shoes

Allowed on the practice facilities and in the Players Bar but not on the course or the clubhouse lounge and restaurant.

Trousers / Shorts

Must be tailored, clean and tidy in appearance. Shorts are allowed in the lounge and dining room until 19:00 each evening. In exceptional circumstances The Club Captain, House Chairman or the Bar & Catering Manager may extend this time.


Golf shoes and sports socks must be worn on the course.

Shoes or sandals must be worn in the clubhouse while socks are not compulsory in the clubhouse if acceptable footwear is worn and feet are in a clean, and hygienic condition.