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On Wed June 19 2019, by Admin

Ladies Open Cocktail Pairs - 18th June 2019 - Results

1st: Louise Church & Sandy Masters (Henbury) 42pts

2nd: Loes de Kleuver & Lorraine Collings (Orchardleigh) 39pts

3rd: Jane Winn & Valerie de Lancey (Henbury) 35pts

4th: Christine Mitchell & Alison Mills (Ogbourne Downs) 33pts (countback)

Best Visitors: Jan Pickersgill & Jill Dean (Henbury) 32pts


Nearest Pin @ 4th: Maxine Allen (Minchinhampton)

On Fri June 14 2019, by Admin

Seniors Open 12th June 2019 - Results

Seniors Open Results 12th June 2019

Robin Szymura: Champion and winner of the Seniors Open Trophy.

David Newboult: Vets Champion and winner of the Vets Trophy.

Congratulations to them and all prize winners.



On Tue April 23 2019, by Admin

Men's Open Bowmaker Prizewinners - Sat 20th April


1st   Colin Price, Steve Cox, Kevin Wilkins & Kevin Thorne (W.Berks  & Deanwood GCs) 90 Pts

2nd  Mike Bowdery, Lee Shurmer, Dale Edwards & Denis Gilbert (Wrag Barn & Shrivenham GCs) 87 Pts 43 back 9

3rd  Ross Antonczyk, Joe Antonczyk, Robbie Lloyd Scotland & Germain Marquesini  87 Pts 42 back 9

4th  A.Morgan, Sam Gill, Lewis Morgan & Matt Edwards (Kendleshire GC)  87 Pts  41 back 9

5th  M.Hawke, Jack Chami, Lee Tucker & James Harding (Came Down & Manor House GCs) 86 Pts



1st  Jeff Cox, Matt Cushley, Rob Jones & Darren Short  93 Pts

2nd  Michael Heaps, Steve Heaps, Jordan Cutler & Stefano Missiato (Kendleshire GC)  86 Pts  

3rd  Kevin Spring, Ian Waller, Tyrone Matthews & Mark Hawkins  83 Pts

4th  Geoff McFarland, Charlie McFarland, Simon O'Brien & Mitch O'Brien  82 Pts  42 back 9



On Thu August 2 2018, by Admin

Sodbury Open Prizes - Sat 28th July

Saturday 28th July 2018

Prize Winners

The number of prize winners, Home/Visitors, is in the same ratio as the entries. Winners who may have qualified for more than one prize have been awarded the higher value prize. Vouchers have been sent to your clubs or to your home address if I have them.

Division 1
Dayson PerryKendleshire GCBest Nett£80
Jon CushleyCSGC2nd Nett£65
Simon KillenForest Hills GC3rd Nett£55
Tom WatsonCSGCBest Gross£45
Kevin SpringCSGC4th Nett£45
Graham ElliottCSGC5th Nett£40
Alex SlowleyCSGC6th Nett£30
James HodderCSGC2nd Gross£25
Trevor StewartCSGC7th Nett£20
Tyrone MatthewsCSGC8th Nett£10
Kevin OgbornKendleshire GC2nd Gross Visitor£20
Nathan HumphreysGreenmeadow GCBest Gross Visitor£40
Division 2   
Howie LaurieCSGCOverall Winner£100
David JefferiesCSGC2nd Nett£60
Peter BlueCSGC3rd Nett£50
Seth KumordzieCSGCBest Gross£40
Tony DavisCSGC4th Nett£30
Andrew HillRaglan Parc GCBest Visitor£60
Jim CushleyCSGC5th Nett£20
Wesley RoughtonGreenmeadow GC2nd Visitor£40
Andre BrittonThe Park ResortBest Gross Visitor£40
Anthony BooleyBath GC2nd Gross Visitor£20
Bob TippinsCSGC2nd Gross£25
Anthony LuxtonCSGC6th Nett£10
On Mon June 18 2018, by Admin

Seniors Open - Wed 13th June 2018

Prize winners


Division One - 1st Geoff Laney; 2nd Peter Foote; 3rd Mike Wilson

Division Two - 1st Jez Longdon; 2nd John Brown; 3rd Len Cooke


Division One - 1st John Cumming; 2nd Nigel Perris; 3rd Andy Blunsden

Division Two - 1st Wilf King; 2nd Geoff Hull; 3rd George Eland


1st Paul Gosling; 2nd P Monk; 3rd Dave Busby


Congratulations to all prize winners.

Vouchers will be posted to all visitors.

Full Results Here

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