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Membership Fees

All playing categories are available as either an Annual or Monthly Membership.

Fees Information

For Monthly Memberships, fees are paid by monthly Direct Debit – please ask for details. The summer months’ fees are higher than the winter months.

Our membership year runs from January to December – if joining part way through the year as an annual member, fees are calculated on a monthly pro-rata basis. If joining as a monthly member, you simply pay for the months that you are a member!

Free U12 junior membership if a parent / grandparent is a playing member – please see Special Offers page for further details.

Annual Subscriptions 2022

As from 1st January 2022 a joining Fee of £200 will be introduced.

  • Adult + £30 on bar card
    Full (7 day)£1165
    Family 7 day (for Man & Wife, partners etc)£2095
    5 Day (Mon-Fri)£1000
    Flexi-play£560 + £12 per round (£14 on Saturday)
    Flexi-lite£266.50 + £24 per round (£28 on Saturday)
    First (available for the first 12 months only)£570 includes 6 lessons & 20 rounds of golf
    Country (Residence over 50miles from CSGC)£765

    All fees are exclusive of golf union levy (£23.80 men, £21.55 ladies) and bar levy (£30 all categories except Flexi-lite (£10), and First membership (zero))

  • Associate / Social
    Full use of clubhouse facilities£125 (inc VAT) + £30 Bar card levy
  • Age between 18-30
    Age 18-21£307.50
    Age 22£395
    Age 23£481
    Age 24£574
    Age 25£686
    Age 26£800
    Age 27£886
    Age 28£933
    Age 29£980

    Junior and Colt membership costs exclude golf levy (£23.80 men, £21.55 ladies)

  • Junior
    Under 12£80 (or FREE – see Special Offers)
    Age between 13-17£130

Monthly Membership Fees

Total for full year is approx 5% higher than annual subs. Payable in advance monthly (on 1st of month) by DD.

Please enquire at the club.

Special Offers