Christmas Party Nights 2017

 Date Posted 27th July 2017 by RG/ET   |   Posted in General

Christmas Party Nights



Join us for an evening of festive fun with one of our party nights every Friday and Saturday throughout December (except Sat 16th)


Includes 3 course dinner and disco

Exclusive use or shared parties available

Please contact Elaine in the office for more details or to book.

01454 319042 (opt 1)



 Date Posted 27th July 2017 by CMR   |   Posted in General

Many of you will be aware that our course occupies an area of around 115 acres. Its ditches, ponds and lakes and trees give it a challenging complexity, which we both love and hate in equal measure. These devious intricacies will naturally act as traps to harbour a great mixture of flora and fauna. The least admired of these are usually the thorniest and tend to add additional annoyance when searching for the ball following a wayward shot.

It is both reassuring and gratifying that a group of senior volunteers under John Keenaghan’s supervision have recently been clearing these pernicious weeds and helping to make our course so much more pleasant and accessible. It has long been a tradition to help our ground staff with such acts as this and many will know the satisfaction of making a contribution without thought of payment.

Well done.  Many thanks to all of you who selflessly lend a hand, please be assured that it is well appreciated though you might feel overlooked, we’re all sometimes slow in showing our gratitude.

This Game Golf

 Date Posted 2nd June 2017 by CMR   |   Posted in General

Sometimes, in fact all too often, we get a little bit despondent with our game. We get frustrated, impatient, even depressed.

Is it time to address the positives again? What do we get from being a member of CSGC? We make friends, we enjoy a little social banter, we might have met our partner there, we catch up with other people’s lives, their opinions, their happiness, and a little sadness.

For the most part we look forward to our pre-arranged game, perhaps we relish the regular competition, we like the clothes and the equipment and many of us, even in some small way, give our time to the club to make it a better place. How refreshing is it when visitors thank us for hosting their Society and remark upon how well the course looks and how challenging the greens are,

Above all sports golf provides a tremendous platform, through the handicap system, where players of widely different standards can enjoy a nip and tuck battle with one another. It allows us to play with our children and grandchildren in a disciplined environment where etiquette, manners and fair play are all taken as standard within the rules of the game. It does often reflect our personalities in a way we may not always admit.

Associated with these thoughts is a recent photograph of our oldest regularly playing captain, the octogenarian – John Snee with our President, Derek Febry. What a pleasure to know that they are still enjoying it with over 80 years of membership between them. That’s what it’s about – THIS GAME GOLF.

Ladies Beginners Lessons

 Date Posted 20th April 2017 by RG   |   Posted in General

Do you know any ladies who might like to take up golf this summer?

Mike Watts is running a course of ladies beginners group lessons starting on 25th May - please see poster below.


For further details or to book a place, please speak to Mike or to Ladies Captain, Denise Eland.

Ladies Lessons 2017.pdf


 Date Posted 12th April 2017 by CMR   |   Posted in General

Wonderful news to report the return to the course, after a bout of ill health, of our 1997 Captain and current President, Derek Febry. Pictured above we see him, competitive as ever, with his untrustworthy chariot ready for action.

As many of you will know Derek was, during his time as a major transport contractor in the area, instrumental in the construction of our course and his support enabled the many contours and more testing elements to be fashioned to the Architects’ wishes.

“Feb” wishes you all the best for the new season and we hope that he climbs from strength to strength.




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