Seniors Open Bowmaker Results

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Seniors Open Bowmaker on Wednesday 19th September 2018

 Prize Winners


1st – John Keenaghan, Nick Lewis & Mike Darby - £45 each

 2nd – Tony Davis (CS), Jeorge Pajak (CS) & Paul Lowrie (Lansdown) - £40 each

 3rd – Pat Leightley, Robert Dennis & Jez Longon (all Filton) - £35 each

 4th – Mike Spiller, Dave Newboult & Jim Staniforth - £30 each

 5th – Steve Haresnape, Gary Gale-sides & Arthur Noble (all Kingsdown) - £25 each

Christmas Party Nights 2018

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Christmas Party Nights



Join us for an evening of festive fun with one of our party nights every Friday and Saturday throughout December (except Sat 15th)


Includes 3 course dinner and disco

Exclusive use or shared parties available

Please contact Elaine in the office for more details or to book.

01454 319042 (opt 1)

Xmas Party Night 2018.pdf

Men's 4BBB Open Results - 18th August

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Men's Better Ball Open

Saturday 18th August 2018

Prize Winners

The number of prize winners, Home/Visitors, is in the same ratio as the entries.

A Home and Visitor pair is deemed to be a Home pair.

Vouchers have been sent to your clubs or to your home address if I have them.


Rob Knapman & Mark Oldham

46 pts

Winners and Home

£80 each

Paul Chandler & James Kington

46 pts

Home 2nd

£60 each

Trevor Stewart & Mike Brealey

46 pts

Home 3rd

£50 each

Shaun Pearce & Andy Brice

46 pts

Home 4th

£40 each

Larry Pebworth & Bob White

45 pts

Home 5th

£30 each

Tim Unwin & Joe Saunders

45 pts

Visitors (Kingsdown) 1st

£60 each

Mark Butcher & Tim Jenkins

44 pts

Home 6th

£20 each

Mike Pearson & Josh Castles

44 pts

Visitors (Kendleshire) 2nd

£40 each

Phil Howe & Bill Haskins

42 pts

Visitors (Filton) 3rd

£30 each

Simon Lord & Tim Early

42 pts

Visitors (Saltford) 4th

£20 each

Seniors 4BBB Open - 8th August

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Seniors Open 4BBB on Wednesday 8th August 2018

Prize Winners


1st – Kevin Hooper & David James      Tracy Park      £65 each

2nd – Phil Jennings & George Paton    Painswick        £60 each

3rd – Joseph Hastings & John Harris    Kendleshire    £55 each

4th – Pat Leightley & Bruce Senior       Filton            £50 each

5th – Mike Williams & David Sandilands Minchinhampton £45 each

6th – Peter Doyle & Neville Barratt      Fingle Glen     £40 each

7th – Alan Bailey & Larry Pebworth     Chipping Sodbury  £35 each

8th – Mike Hodder & Paul Riddell      Chipping Sodbury   £30 each

9th – Jim Wilde & Colin Jones          The Worcestershire  £25 each

Sodbury Open Prizes - Sat 28th July

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Sodbury Open

Saturday 28th July 2018

Prize Winners

The number of prize winners, Home/Visitors, is in the same ratio as the entries. Winners who may have qualified for more than one prize have been awarded the higher value prize. Vouchers have been sent to your clubs or to your home address if I have them.

Division 1

Dayson Perry              Kendleshire GC                       Best Nett                     £80

Jon Cushley               CSGC                                     2nd Nett                     £65

Simon Killen               Forest Hills GC                        3rd Nett                      £55

Tom Watson               CSGC                                    Best Gross                  £45

Kevin Spring               CSGC                                    4th Nett                      £45

Graham Elliott             CSGC                                    5th Nett                      £40

Alex Slowley               CSGC                                     6th Nett                      £30

James Hodder            CSGC                                     2nd Gross                   £25

Trevor Stewart             CSGC                                     7th Nett                     £20

Tyrone Matthews         CSGC                                     8th Nett                      £10

Kevin Ogborn             Kendleshire GC                        2nd Gross Visitor         £20

Nathan Humphreys     Greenmeadow GC                    Best Gross Visitor         £40

Division 2

Howie Laurie               CSGC                                    Overall Winner            £100

David Jefferies            CSGC                                    2nd Nett                     £60

Peter Blue                  CSGC                                    3rd Nett                      £50

Seth Kumordzie          CSGC                                    Best Gross                  £40

Tony Davis                 CSGC                                    4th Nett                      £30

Andrew Hill                 Raglan Parc GC                      Best Visitor                  £60

Jim Cushley               CSGC                                   5th Nett                       £20

Wesley Roughton       Greenmeadow GC                   2nd Visitor                  £40

Andre Britton             The Park Resort                     Best Gross Visitor         £40

Anthony Booley          Bath GC                                2nd Gross Visitor         £20

Bob Tippins               CSGC                                   2nd Gross                    £25

Anthony Luxton         CSGC                                   6th Nett                       £10




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